Monthly Archives: May 2013

Update on field work

It’s time to make this blog active again, as we will be returning in just a few weeks to the St. Mary’s for our first season of excavation on 18ST647. If you’re just joining us, or have forgotten, this site consists of a distribution of ballast stones along the 17th century shoreline of the St. Mary’s River, adjacent to the active town centre of St. Mary’s City, Maryland’s first settlement (1634). We will be opening up several test trenches to explore what lies beneath the ballast, and attempting to determine what it is that the site represents. The working hypothesis is that the site is an abandoned sailing craft dating to the later half of the 17th century.

This page will be updated frequently over the next few months, so check back often, or click the ‘Follow’ button on the upper right for email alerts for the updates. We’ll be digging between 15 and 30 June, so this will be the main period for information to come out. And if you’re local to St. Mary’s, feel free to come visit the museum where you will be able to observe both terrestrial and underwater archaeology taking place, along with a lot of other very interesting exhibits.