Fieldwork Lecture Thursday, 30 January, 2014 – University of Southampton – Live Broadcast!

Hi folks,

I’ll be giving a lecture at the University of Southampton on our 2013 field season in the St. Mary’s River this Thursday, which will be live broadcast over the internet for anyone who wishes to watch. I’ll be discussing the work we did, current interpretations of the site, and our future plans. For anyone just now finding this blog, the project I will be discussing is an underwater archaeological project examining what is possibly the remains of a 17th-century English ship in the Chesapeake. Exciting stuff! You can live tweet your questions (I know, I know… I hate Twitter too), at #CMARG. The lecture is taking place at 2.00pm, GMT (9am EST, 1500 CET) on 30 January. If you can’t watch it live, the content will still be available for a period of time later, so you can watch it at your convenience. This lecture will be very open to audience participation, so ask any questions you might have! I really hope the link stays the same to watch… sometimes technology gets the better of us and the link has to change last minute. Watch it here!

– Scott

CMA 2014 lecture poster


About smrarchaeology

Scott Tucker is an historical and maritime archaeologist from Hagerstown, MD. Currently, he is working on his doctoral research into early English merchant trade in the Chesapeake region at the University of Southampton, UK, as a member of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology. He is also a visiting graduate researcher at the Historic St. Mary's City Museum. View all posts by smrarchaeology

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