Welcome to the website for the St. Mary’s River Underwater Archaeological Project!

This site will provide details for upcoming archaeological work in the St. Mary’s River in Maryland.

The site in question is at this point known as a ‘ship-shaped’ distribution of ballast stones, near the site of Maryland’s first colonial settlement, founded in 1634. Preliminary investigation suggests that this may represent the abandoned remains of a seventeenth-century trade vessel from Europe. If this is the case, it is an exciting find indeed.

This site is being examined as an element of doctoral research by Scott Tucker, a native Marylander now studying in the UK at the University of Southampton. His dissertation is examining the role of ships and ports in the developing ‘tobacco economy’ of the Chesapeake, which ultimately provided the financial independence necessary for the colonies to split from England.

We will provide updates regularly on this site, detailing new research findings and providing a daily blog during the field season.

Thanks for having a look!


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  • terry p brock » Examining the St. Mary’s River: A Project, A Friend, and Microfunding

    […] By all accounts, this will be a wonderful project. Scott plans to build on the limited underwater survey that was conducted in the 1970s, investigating what could potentially be a 17th century ship located at the bottom of the river. If this is identified as such, it would be the oldest identified Europoean ship in the region, and would help to shed more light on the advent of British mercantile trade, particularly the role that St. Mary’s City, Maryland’s first capital, played within it. You can read a bit more about his plans on his blog. […]

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