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Made it on the SHA Blog today!

I’m very excited an honored to have been featured on today’s Society for Historical Archaeology Blog! I know the internet is not exactly a new invention, but it has become such a wonderful tool for sharing information. The attention that this project has been getting, even now during its early stages has been very eye opening for me on the power of social media. Thanks Terry!

For those of you who have come across this site today because of the links on the SHA blog, welcome! I don’t have a terrible lot of content at the moment to share here on this site as the project is quite new, but please keep checking back as I update with the latest developments in research, and my daily updates from the field when my fieldwork begins.

If you are feeling particularly generous today, you can visit my funding page to help make the fieldwork that I am planning a reality. Any amount, no matter how small will be a major help in learning more about this possibly very early site. Thanks for your help!